Why SEO May Be A Waste of Time During Lockdown

by | Nov 13, 2020

SEO is great, don’t get me wrong. Search Engine Optimization… the art of getting your website to appear early on in the results when people are searching for your kind of thing online.

But it’s a long-term strategy.

And, if the sh*t has hit the fan for your business because of Lockdown 2.0, you need a QUICK solution.

Not that I’m advocating quick fixes, mind. Marketing should be an engine that’s constantly ticking over, whether business is rocking or not. In fact, here at Codebreak we spend more on our marketing when things are good. More money = more money to reinvest. That gives us an extra layer of protection should the aforementioned brown stuff hit the fan.

If you don’t invest during the good times, the bad times will be worse than they should be. Even I get that and I’m not financially savvy (but luckily I have Joel). 

But, let’s face facts. If the bottom has dropped out of your market because of lockdown and you think one solution is to get more people to your website, you want that to happen NOW, right? Not in three months’ time, which is how long it may take for SEO tweaks to kick in.

So you want to be looking at paid-for advertising to drive traffic, not SEO.

How much?! 

How much is a new customer worth to you and what are you prepared to spend to get them in through the door? If a business owner isn’t willing to spend any money on targeted advertising to bring in new customers and would rather rely on word of mouth and fairy dust, good luck.

If you’re up for taking control and able to invest financially, pay to drive the people most likely to buy off you to your website. (It goes without saying your website needs to be sound. Don’t throw good money after bad.) Because you can test and measure those numbers within hours. Which ads are working, which aren’t… it’ll all be there in black and white. 

For Facebook Ads, a “straightforward” clicks-to-website campaign may be best for you. If you prefer to have direct accountability for whatever it is you’re selling, whether that’s a product or service or the completion of an enquiry form, going down the Conversion Ads route is preferable. You won’t get as many clicks but you’ll get more measurable results.

Still work on your SEO

Hopefully, you keep on top of your SEO all the time. Because, again, SEO is a marketing pillar that should be propping up every business. But if it’s only something you do when you remember or when trouble flares up, consider outsourcing it. To me. Well, OK, to Fergus. He’s Codebreak’s technical whizz.

But, if you need more targeted website traffic TODAY, go down the Facebook Ads and/or Google Ads route.

Stay safe, stay hungry.

Codebreak Marketing Assistant Emily

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