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Why Use a Marketing Consultancy?

by | Sep 20, 2019

Here at Codebreak, we do a lot of doing. As in, we do clients’ marketing for them. They want to concentrate on other aspects of their business or maybe spend more time with their families or go fishing, have every Friday off, whatever. But Codebreak also consults, i.e. we advise and the clients do.

According to dictionary.com, a consultant is “a person who gives professional or expert advice”. That would make everyone a consultant, I guess…. Everyone is certainly an expert when it comes to someone else’s business…. BECAUSE IT’S NOT THEIR MONEY!

Everyone is also an expert when it comes to someone else’s children or pets. I have a friend who’s constantly “advising” me about my children whilst his own run amok in my house pulling my dog’s tail. But I’m not here to talk about the spawn of Satan:

Why would you use a marketing consultant?

You’re likely to be in one of two camps; either you have a marketing person or persons employed but they need a strategy devised or you want to fully focus on the marketing yourself whilst other people or systems do the day-to-day for you.

Sometimes it can be hard advising an in-house marketing person as they might think you’re treading on their toes. Here they are happily working away, then one day some upstart consultant is called in by their boss to tell them what to do. Others appreciate it and know their boss is doing it for the company’s best interests.

For other businesses we advise, we deal solely with the business owner. Most have a team, but a team that does the day-to-day. No one looking after the marketing. They could employ of course but sometimes outsourcing it works better for them. No HR, sick pay and all that gubbins.

When And When Not

It is amazing how many businesses throw lots of sh*t at a wall and hope some of it sticks. It is busy work, therefore it must be good!

By working with a marketing consultant, you can identify what’s working, what isn’t and what to do more of. You receive a plan, either tailor-made or you may be part of a marketing mentorship programme, which is similar but more generic. Things in marketing that most businesses should be doing.

If you’re open to fresh ideas and initiatives and trust the consultant, happy days. The proof will be in the pudding; you’ve just got to be happy with the cost of getting that pudding made.

Here’s a question that we always ask when deciding whether or not we can help a business:

“When we reach the end of our deal, what would have needed to happen for you to consider it a success?”

Your consultant has to know your ultimate goal, whether that is a change in brand perception, a defined increase in revenue, whatever.

If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t like being told what to do, a consultant is going to be about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Some business people have been in their industry so long, doing the same thing, that they are blinkered to considering anything new. Or they believe their industry to be different to any other or their town (if they’re local) to be different to any other.

If that is you, you’ll always be ice skating uphill with a consultant or coach.

Those Who Teach

We believe that teaching and doing go hand-in-hand. It’s good to speak at business events about marketing. I love it. In fact, they have to pull me off the stage. But I practice what I preach.

Do you want a consultant who talks and teaches yet doesn’t implement? Or one whose advice is based on application in the real world?

We have an opinion on that, funnily enough. There’s no right or wrong but we sell Codebreak on our hands-on business experience. We know what it’s like at the coal face. It’s similar to football managers; pretty much every top football manager was a football player themselves. They have been out there on the pitch, getting stuck in.

There are marketers out there who bang on about the genius of Facebook Ads but don’t spend on Ads themselves. Marketers who tell you that you must spend £10k on a website but had their own built in India. I could go on. But it’s no wonder marketing is oft associated with smoke and mirrors.

A good question to ask a marketer is, “How much do you spend on marketing yourself?” If their answer includes the words “word of mouth”, “collaboration” or “hustling”… run a mile. 

So although Codebreak is accepting more and more consulting work, we do as well as say. We share tips, tools and techniques that we have actioned for clients or used ourselves, and we’ve been in business a long time.

Fluff-free Zone

Clients know that what we share is not marketing fluff. It is based on all the years we have been in the thick of it growing other people’s businesses as well as our own. “Seasoned”, ahem, marketers and business owners.

Because it ain’t about the aforementioned “hustling” 24/7. It’s about working smarter, although of course hard work is involved. Get to the heart of what truly matters. What is a business’s growth strategy? Indeed, do they have one? Do they know what’s working and what isn’t? Why are they using LinkedIn? Do they know their average customer value and what they’d be prepared to spend to acquire a new customer?

Fundamental questions have to be asked before throwing a load of cool marketing tools into the conversation. Asking basic business questions may not sound as sexy as Facebook retargeting, landing pages and autoresponders but you have to know the pain before prescribing the medication.

Further information about Codebreak’s marketing consultancy services can be found here.

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