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Work with a Shrewsbury Marketing Agency

by | Jan 12, 2019

Want to get your Shropshire business looking its best? Work with an agency that understands the local business community, is rooted in Shrewsbury, with an owner born and bred in Shropshire.

Creating business relationships is often about two businesses being able to relate to one another. Have you got the right synergy? Do you have shared values? Can you understand your respective positioning?

We’re lucky to work with businesses all over the UK and beyond. However, Shropshire is a unique place. Each town has its own little quirks and each business community operates in a slightly different way. Having worked with businesses large and small we have an understanding of what it takes to make it in Shrewsbury.

Want to get noticed in the local business scene?

Shrewsbury has a vibrant and exciting business community. One thing that I think all local business owners would agree on, it can be a hard nut to crack. You probably have to go that extra mile to become a trusted supplier in this town.

Do you have the right tools? Are you attending events with a natural and persuasive pitch? Do you leave a business card behind? Do you have leaflets and brochures? Are you leveraging testimonials? Have you asked existing local clients for referrals? Do you have a strong presence on social media, with targeted, localised ads? Do you follow up with people? Have you offered anyone a coffee? Are you adding people to your newsletter? Do your clients hear from you regularly?

Individually all of the above seem like very simple steps. Combining them all can be slightly more daunting. But, this is what it takes! It won’t guarantee you a sale, but it will keep you front and centre in the local business community. Shrewsbury (like any town) quickly forgets, so make sure people know you’re open for business and you want to work with them.

How can working with a design agency help?

Build your brand

Ensure your brand is relevant to your audience, give your brand a distinctive and memorable voice, create striking but empathetic visuals, display the benefits of working with your business.

Get the right promotional materials

Business stationery that accurately reflects your brand identity, leaflets and brochures that sell the benefits of your business, social media that showcases the tone and personality of your brand and advertising that targets the right people with the right message.

Build a strong digital presence

All business owners check out other businesses online. Is your website on brand? Is it easy to use? Does it sell the benefits of working with you? Is this backed up by strong, friendly, appropriate social media?

Guide your business

Working with an agency should help you document and visualise your brand. From your logo, stationery and website, through to the personality of your business, your values and your goals. If your team don’t understand why you do things the way you do, how to talk to people and the aspirations of the business then don’t expect your target audience to understand. A design agency should be able to pull this all together so your brand speaks to (and is understood by) all stakeholders in your business.

Getting a foothold in the Shrewsbury business community isn’t rocket science. You apply the same techniques as anywhere else. The benefit of working with a local design agency is they will have experience of the same marketplace; the network clubs to avoid, the clubs to push, the businesses that might take a little longer to get on board, the local personalities to align with, sponsorship and advertising opportunities etc.

Codebreak is rooted in Shrewsbury, we have years of experience of the local business scene. Talk to us about your aspirations for your business. We’d love to help you come up with a plan to see your Shropshire business thrive.

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