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Working From Home? You Need to Be on Facebook!

by | Mar 25, 2020

No, you read that right. Facebook is where it’s at. Okay, maybe not the funny videos, juicy updates and meme holes you can easily descend into. (I’m not judging….)

I mean Facebook Workplace.

I’m working from home, as is most of the country and all of the Codebreak team. And this online communications tool is a game changer. We’ve been using Facebook Workplace for months but it’s become even more integral to our business’s productivity in these uncertain times.

Your excuse to be on Facebook right now…

OK, so again most of us are remote working.

If you follow Codebreak on Facebook, Instagram and Linky Dink, you can keep yourself updated with a tonne of free home-working tips.

However, I’m here to talk specifically about one aspect of that – Workplace. A piece of software developed, designed, and run by Facebook.

If you and your team are familiar with Facebook, Workplace can be a great tool for staying in touch and sharing information.

How it works

Even if you’re working on your own but have got freelancers (or regular suppliers) to liaise with, Workplace is well worth a look at.

It’s a free tool, although we paid for a premium version to have some extra stuff. I’m not sure we need the extra stuff but it sounded cool and I wanted it. 

The free version will be fine for most SMEs.

You can set up groups. We have a group for each client, for example. Anyone involved in that client account goes into that client group. Simples.

You can have one-to-one chats. You can have group chats. You can have video chats.

Every Monday morning, the Codebreak team sits down at 10 o’clock to discuss social media learning, what’s been awesome for clients, what could be done differently… and we’re doing the same thing now.

Working from home, each Codebreaker took part in the meeting remotely and it was all done through Workplace.

It’s also good for accountability, so you can tag people in if you need them to action stuff. This is a biggie.

I can tag a member of our team in a post, explaining what needs doing. Maybe a client needs a photo uploading to their Facebook Page. I write the post, upload the pic and tag the person. That person will get a notification saying they’ve been tagged, plus I can see that they’ve seen it. Yes, very Big Brother, but it’s important if you value efficiency.

I mean, how many times have you left a voicemail for someone then wondered if they’ve got round to listening to it? Or you email somebody. Did the email get through? Have they seen it? Do you now need to chase it to check?

It’s exhausting.

It takes up time and energy that we need to conserve right now.

Why not give it a try?

So there you have it. If you haven’t looked at Workplace by Facebook, do go and check it out.

We find it a crucial business communications tool, in terms of efficiency, accountability and productivity.

In the meantime, stay safe, take care of yourself and please reach out if you need anything.

Codebreak Marketing Assistant Emily

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