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Charity Begins at Home

by | Jan 23, 2020

*Grumpily settles down in nightgown and slippers*

We’re not trying to be all Scrooge here. We genuinely mean it.

Charity does begin at home. Right on the very doorstep of your business and here’s why…   

*Gets visited by the ghost of marketing past*

Think back over all that has gone into building your business. The time, the money, the help. The advice from others, the freebies, the support. Now you’re a growing business, it’s probably a good time to think about giving back. 

Because if you’re earning more money, you’ve hopefully got a bit more money you can use to do some good.

*Ghost of marketing present makes an appearance*

 Now it’s time to do something with it. It’s time to choose a charity.

You might be a national business who wants to support a national charity and that’s absolutely fine. All charities do great work, but some might say a national charity receives lots of publicity and help anyway. So, how about a local one?

 We found it’s the smaller, more local charities that need more help. See, we told you charity begins at home!

Our chosen charity is The Harry Johnson Trust. A fantastic charity based near us in Shropshire, that helps local families who have children who are dealing with cancer. An incredibly worthy charity that is deserving of all the support we can give.

*Ghost of marketing future struts in* 

Aside from being an awesome thing to do, what does supporting a charity mean for your business?

 For starters, working with a charity is great for PR, for both you and the charity. If your business provides something for them, you can shout about that. If they’re doing a fundraiser, you can get involved and shout about that too.

 That’s what we did for The Harry Johnson Trust. We made a campaign video for them, free of charge, and attended a Quiz, hosted by ChadStone, to raise money for them.

It’s a win-win. Your charity receives free help and extra support and you receive free PR off the back of it. It’s good practice and it’s good business.

*All ghosts mentioned start following us on social media* 

Supporting a charity is a great way of boosting your social media content too. You get to share interesting things without always talking about yourself. This will refresh your feed, gain interest and respect from other users and promote the charity further.

So, what have our overbearing marketing ghosts taught us?

Working with a charity is perhaps one of the best things that Codebreak has done.

We’re a growing organisation. So yes, of course, we want to give back. But on the back of it, we’ve had traditional PR, lots of coverage in the papers about working with Sally Johnson of the Trust, a ton of social media content we can use and physical proof that we are good at what we do.

There’s a video that you can see on our website that we filmed for The Harry Johnson Trust. Not only is that great for the trust, but it’s also a good plug for our video services for potential and existing clients.

So, it really is about a relationship. One, do some good and help a worthy cause. And two, grow the presence of your own business.


How to go about finding the right charity for your business

As a way of spreading the word of local charities, and boosting your own social media, you could post across your platforms saying something like, “We’re thinking of supporting a local charity, is there a local charity that’s close to your heart?” And take the feedback from there. 

Or ask your team. Maybe there’s a member of your team who’s got a charity that’s of particular importance to them.

Because charity really does begin at home and Bah Humbug to anyone who tells you different!

If you’re ready to do some good and shout about it, apply for a free discovery call here. Because good marketing begins with Codebreak.

For more information about the wonderful work of The Harry Johnson Trust, visit their website here.

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