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Our Tips For Writing Better Copy for Facebook Ads

by | Oct 16, 2020

Facebook Ads are awesome. Or, rather, they can be if you know what you’re doing. You need good targeting first and then good copy and good imagery. The holy trinity. All three have to work together.

There’s no point having a brilliant ad but it’s served to people who are unlikely to buy off you. There’s no point targeting the right people with a poorly constructed message.

And a large part of messaging success is the copywriting. Just because everyone can write doesn’t mean they can write effective sales & marketing copy.

Here are five copywriting tips for you, stuff that I have learnt over the years. My degree in English Literature gave me a head start but it is working in media – learning on the job – that taught me how to hook and retain readers. OK, maybe not all the time… 😅

1) Attention to detail

Yes, I literally do mean spelling and grammar. It might seem like no one gives a shit about this anymore but many of your potential customers will. They might not care about spelling and grammar generally but when it comes to parting with their cash….

Think about it. Who will they trust the most? The business that can spell check or the business that can’t be bothered?

2) Keep your copy short and sweet

Most people will be seeing a Facebook Ad on their phone. This will cut off any longwinded copy and if you haven’t hooked them early enough, they won’t press ‘continue reading’. They will get on with other things.

Trust me – keep your sentences short and punchy when it comes to the primary text of your Facebook Ad. One or two short sentences is all you need if the goal is to click on the button to visit a webpage.

When we run ads for clients, we’ll keep the copy short and sweet but, to be safe, we will test them alongside a long form copy. So I’m not saying don’t ever write a long ad; but don’t ever only write a long ad.

It’s another beauty of Facebook Ads – you can test numerous designs alongside each other. Always split test.

3) Identify a pain point

What is your audience’s pain and how will you solve it? Don’t bang on about being established since 1972. They don’t care. They don’t care you’ve got 50 offices.

How will you help them?

Lead with questions such as:

“Are you struggling with…?”

“Do you find that…?”

“Isn’t it annoying when…?”

Remember, and this is crucial – people would rather avoid pain than seek pleasure.

When I was first told that, I shifted how I write sales & marketing copy overnight.

I guarantee that most of your competitors’ ads will simply be talking about themselves. Which is great for you!

Identify the pain, even if it’s a pain they’re unaware of. Then present the medicine.

4) Include a couple of emojis

No matter who you are targeting, emojis will increase engagement.

From a visual standpoint alone, they work. They help make an ad stand out. Getting people to stop scrolling past is the first battle. Your choice of image will play a big part in that. Emojis will also play a part.

We sometimes use emojis in email subject headers too, for the same purpose. People’s inboxes are cluttered.

5) Have a clear call to action

What do you want people to do?

This is SO important in all advertising. People are busy. Everyone’s busy, in fact. Whether they are or not, they think they are. Also, some people are just not that switched on. And I’m being polite there…

Whether you want people to call, click, send a carrier pigeon… make that clear. And why they should contact YOU rather than Bob down the road.

If you’re running an offer, make the deadline, er, clear. And with an offer, I encourage you to have a deadline, otherwise there’s no impetus to take action. Without a deadline, it’s something people will get onto tomorrow. And tomorrow never comes.

If it’s likely people will ask questions, pre-empt them. Have these FAQs in your ad if possible or certainly on the webpage where you’re driving them to. You don’t want to be spending the rest of your life answering comments on Facebook, where 90% will be tyre kickers and time vampires.

If your goal is to get people to telephone, bear in mind that lots of people don’t like calling, especially cold. Terrible, I know, but a fact.

Solely giving the telephone as an option will reduce your number of enquiries.

As I’ve mentioned numerous times before, there’s no point an SME being on Facebook if they’re not using Facebook Ads. They simply won’t get enough traction. A post on your page will get seen my maybe 5% of your followers if you’re lucky and seen once. You’ll be standing on the edge of the Facebook dancefloor rather than moonwalking through the middle.

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Stay safe, stay hungry.

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