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Stay Hungry: How to Create Marketing That Sells™ Even in the New Economy

Business Growth For Small Businesses

If you’re the sole decision-maker in your business and your marketing isn’t generating enough customers, Codebreak will take this weight off your shoulders.

Our crew of copywriters and designers will put the right messages in front of the right people for you, testing & measuring the results as time goes on… without you having to lift a finger.

Everything will be overseen by Codebreak’s co-founders, Andy Rao and Joel Stone, who have +40 years’ marketing & design experience between them and are #1 bestselling business authors.

Ultimately, you’ll enjoy more leads, enquiries and customers.

For hungry solopreneurs, who want more customers

Doubled Growth
Another Level
Dominating Competitors

Maybe you’re experiencing this…

  • You’re not getting enough customers for the amount you’re spending on marketing
  • The content you’re putting out doesn’t position you as strongly as it should
  • You’re not sure what return you’re getting from your ads
  • Most of your marketing tasks are manual, boring and a bit of a pain
  • Your social media generates more ‘likes’ than leads
  • You’re not making money from emails
  • Your missing out on enquiries because your website doesn’t rank high enough on Google
  • Your competitors seem to be more visible than you
  • Your marketing is sporadic rather than working to a clear strategy

Find out more about growing, protecting and scaling your business….

Are you running around trying to do everything in your business? Dealing with customers, staff, IT, pandemics… the pressure is on. Chances are, marketing gets shoved onto the ‘must do tomorrow’ pile.

The result is… your order book isn’t as full as you’d like.

Have you ever wondered if there’s a better way?

There is (of course!). It is having a marketing strategy that moves you towards the RESULTS you need. Then the tactics behind that strategy are actioned. Not put on that famous ‘must do tomorrow’ list.

The problem with many marketers is that they focus on the sparkly stuff but not the purpose behind it. Style over substance… when it has to be both if you want to grow your business.

If you’re like most people, you’d choose ‘money in the bank’ over ‘sparkly’ any day. Which brings us onto the mantra:

“If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.” – David Ogilvy

Marketing should make the selling easier. It should also improve your customer retention. It is eight times more cost effective to keep a customer than replace them.

From optimizing your website and designing Facebook Ads to sorting your email marketing, just get in touch!

Marketing consultancy with Codebreak

From this point on, you’re not alone.

But let’s make sure we’re right for each other….

Naturally, you want to work with people who get the job done. But there’s also got to be a good fit. Life’s too short.

You want more customers; we want to have fun getting them for you. So if you’re cool with Codebreak’s values below, happy days!

If this is sounding more and more like your cup of tea, let’s chat!

Help People And Have Fun
Codebreak - Stay Hungry - Direct Response Marketing

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What's a Discovery Call?

This is a call where you tell us about your business goals and we see what Codebreak can do to help.

We'll discuss what's been working well for you when it comes to getting more customers, and what hasn't cut the mustard. How happy you are with your current marketing, who your ideal customer is.... An informal but productive chat about growing, protecting and scaling your business.

It is genuinely a discovery call rather than a mislabelled sales pitch.

If there's a match between what you want and what Codebreak can provide, we'll give you some options.

Joel Stone director of Codebreak
Be Confident But Humble
Andy Rao and Joel Stone
Be Kind
Andy Rao, author
Start With Why

Turn the odds in your favour…

  • Have your marketing driven by industry-leading digital advertising
  • Watch your database of warm prospects grow
  • Hear the phone (and till!) ring more often
  • Benefit from next-level copywriting that reinforces why you’re the go-to business in your field
  • Clearly see the strategy that’s driving everything for you
  • Enjoy 3+ members of Codebreak looking after you, so you’re covered 24/7
  • 10X your email marketing, reviews and referrals
  • Keep in front of your warmest leads automatically, to reduce the odds of them buying elsewhere
  • See your website traffic jump, leading to more enquiries

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Codebreak - Stay Hungry - Direct Response Marketing

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Get clarity on the numbers that matter

Find out the true potential for marketing your business

Know where your marketing focus should lie

Jargon-free, BS-free advice

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