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Codebreak is here to generate prospects, leads and sales for you more easily through Pay Per Click. Whether you’re B2B, B2C or e-commerce, our signature ads formula can be applied.

Andrea McLean

CEO & Co-Founder, This Girl Is On Fire

Sean Ryder

Managing Director, Optimum Biomedical

Ben Knight

Founder, The Trade Tribe

Codebreak makes your customer generation & retention quicker as well as simpler.

We want to make you a cracking Return On Investment and again save you TIME and PAIN.

You work hard to grow, only to encounter new challenges. Another level, another devil. You get dragged into other people’s problems and there’s less focus on the lifeblood of your business – your marketing & advertising.

Your efforts may still be making you money but they’ll also be losing you money. The ol’ leaky bucket syndrome.

You wouldn’t believe the mess we find when we get into new clients’ ad accounts….

But who wants to sort all that technical sh*t out?

Luckily, Codebreak does!

Facebook Ads, Google Ads, conversion tracking, landing pages, email/SMS comms, website traffic… we’ll get them all rocking and rolling for you.

Giving you your day back, not to mention your sanity.

How does it work?

Codebreak will take care of your Pay Per Click ads for you and keep clear lines of communication open, so you know what’s going on.

From split testing ad designs to building landing pages and funnels… it will all be handled for you.

Nothing gets outsourced. No using developers based in the Philippines or wherever. The only people working on your ads strategy will be Codebreak employees. We stress that because it’s not always the case with agencies.

Your ads will be run through your own ad accounts rather than ours. You get the Amex points, not us. Again, not always the case in our industry…!

This is about clearer results through paid-for advertising. We’re not here to post pretty pictures on your social media. Although organic marketing is important, ‘likes’ don’t put food on the table.

Ads alone generated a 1,252% Return On Investment for one of our e-commerce clients.

The quality of the copy we’ll write for you is crucial. Most copy is boring and formulaic. Codebreak’s copywriters will hook your leads rather than send them to sleep.

You’ve got to stand out in a noisy world to make the till ring.

If you value results, you’re gonna love the MTS™ Formula.

Codebreak has invested millions of pounds of ad budget over the years for over 2,000 businesses.

Our unique formula isn’t dependent on what stage your company’s at; there may be baby steps or big leaps, but the principles will be the same.

The formula won’t be suited for part-time or hobby businesses.

If you’re keen to find out more about Codebreak solving your ads pain, apply for your free Discovery Call today.

(If, however, you’ve googled “marketing agencies” and have chosen three at random to get quotes from, please don’t call us!)

Ask whatever questions you want on the Discovery Call. Andy and Joel will also ask you a few questions… because if they don’t think Codebreak is the right choice for you, they’d rather say no. But you’ll still bag some free advice!

If you’re not yet ready to outsource your ads but want some practical tips on getting & retaining customers, click the button below. Get your hands on Andy & Joel’s free emails.

What next?

If your digital ads aren’t working as well as they need to be, apply for your free Discovery Call.

This will be direct with Andy or Joel, depending on their availability.

Find out what it’s like to work with Codebreak. Talk about your goals. It’s a genuine Discovery Call, not a mislabelled sales pitch.

In fact, the call comes with our ‘No Pitch Promise’!

If the call goes well, you can arrange a more in-depth convo on Zoom or at Codebreak HQ.

Codebreak will be right for you if….

✓  You’re prepared to invest in Pay Per Click ads

✓  You're a full-time business owner

✓  You're hungry to get to the next level

✓  You're in this for the long run

✓  You’re informal but professional

Codebreak won’t be right for you if…

  You look at marketing as a necessary evil

✗  Your business is a side hustle

✗  You know everything already

✗  You want your business transformed overnight

✗  You’re a d*ck

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