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If you’re spending time, effort and money on your marketing but not getting the leads you need, Codebreak will take this weight off your shoulders.

Enjoy having us deploy our Marketing That Sells™ system for you or coach you to do it yourself.

All of the targeted traffic and data capture, with none of the usual fluff.

For hungry business owners that expect results

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Maybe you’re experiencing this…

  • You’re not getting enough leads for the amount of dosh you’re spending
  • You’re struggling to block off time for your marketing because you’re always firefighting
  • It feels like you’re rolling the marketing dice rather than working to a strategy
  • You think some of your marketing has worked but you can’t be accurate about it
  • Most of your marketing is manual as you don’t know there is software that can lighten the load
  • Your social media gets ‘likes’ but hardly any leads
  • You know that the writing of your emails just isn’t up to scratch
  • You’re happy-ish with your website but wish it generated more direct response
  • Your competitors seem to be everywhere, which is especially annoying as they’re not as good as you
  • Marketing agencies and “gurus” bombard you with jargon and you don’t know which way to turn

Find out more about how smart business owners are grasping this opportunity…

Are you running around trying to do everything in your business? With customers expecting everything yesterday, IT headaches, HR problems, pandemics… the pressure is on. Chances are, marketing gets shoved onto the ‘must do tomorrow’ pile.

The result is your revenue plateaus or, worse, goes down.

Have you ever wondered if there’s a better way?

There is (of course!). It is devising a marketing strategy that moves you towards the RESULTS you need. Then the campaigns behind that strategy are actioned, consistently and ruthlessly. Not put off till tomorrow.

The problem with many marketers is that they focus on the sparkly stuff but not the purpose behind it. Style over substance… when it has to be both if you want more leads.

If you’re like most people, you’d choose ‘money in the bank’ over ‘sparkly’ any day of the week. Which brings us onto the mantra:

“If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.” – David Ogilvy

Which is what we are here to help you do – SELL.

Marketing should make the selling easier. It should also make customer retention better. Customers before prospects, which most businesses get wrong.

From this point on, you’re not alone. Let’s make sure you get results if we’re the right fit for each other…

Naturally, you want to work with people who get the job done. But there’s also got to be a good fit. Life’s too short. So if you’re cool with Codebreak’s values below, happy days!

If this is sounding more and more like your cup of whiskey, book a Discovery Call.

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What is a Discovery Call?

This is a call where we find out about your business goals and what would need to happen for you to reach them.

What's working, what's not working, who your ideal customer is.... Q&A to growing, protecting and skyrocketing your business. It is genuinely a discovery call rather than a mislabelled sales pitch.

If there's a good fit between us, we'll send you some options, then we chat again. Once you press the green light, the Codebreak Crew will get the ball rolling for you ASAP.

If we don't think we can help, hey, you've got a free marketing strategy out of it. Win/Win!

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Turn the odds in your favour…

  • Have your marketing driven by leads rather than ‘likes’
  • Enjoy your evenings, weekends and holidays whilst your database grows 24/7
  • Shout, “Hallelujah!” that you have a marketing strategy rather than trying to smile at everyone in the dark
  • Rest assured that you have your own Account Manager, backed up by 2+ members of the Codebreak Crew
  • Book in monthly Stay Hungry sessions to plan ahead
  • Power up your email marketing with Codebreak’s copywriting secrets
  • Automatically stay in front of people who engage with your content the most
  • Your website traffic goes up
  • See your ads everywhere, whilst your competitors wonder how the hell you’re doing it

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