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Websites That Convert


A website designed to get you results.

Websites that captivate and convert….

Do potential new customers come to your website and quickly move on? Does it fail to impress or prompt action?

Codebreak builds websites with marketing in mind. Many web designers are not marketers. They’ll build you a website that looks good but will it do what you want it to do?

Your website has to have purpose.

What do you offer?

How will you make a customer’s life easier?

Why does this matter to them?

What do you want them to do?

What are you offering if they’re not ready to get in touch?

Your website experience with Codebreak will leave your visitors certain on their next step, with tracking in place to constantly remind them.

If you’re ready to explore options now, arrange a call back.

Getting website users to take action

Effective web design guides users toward conversion at every click. Expertly placed prompts map the next logical step to ensure users take ACTION. 

Codebreak takes a no-nonsense approach to web design. We have to, otherwise you’ll be leaving money on the table.

There’s no point having a website that nobody can find. There’s no point having a website where users don’t know what to do. And there’s no point having a website that looks rubbish on a mobile.

Design, copywriting, build, testing, launch – all handled for you and all handled in-house. No aspect of your website will be outsourced.

Let’s go!


I’ve now got a consistent stream of leads continually coming in each month. The email list that I’ve built over the past several years has now doubled.

Ben Knight, Founder of The Trade Tribe

What you get with Codebreak...

✓  A website designed to get you results

✓  Full ownership and access

✓  Dedicated account manager

✓  Easy to make edits and updates

✓  Open access to all tracking

What’s common in our industry

  Looks nice but isn’t built for effective marketing

✗  A locked platform that you don’t control 

✗  Unsure who to speak to

✗  Edits are costly and time consuming

✗  Tracking stats are an expensive afterthought 

Businesses we’ve worked with

Codebreak's clients - the UK's leading marketing anti-agency