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Andy at Codebreak


Do more of what works. Do less of what doesn’t. I am quite black & white when it comes to marketing. I have been doing this for over 20 years now, which makes me rather seasoned, I believe.

Codebreak’s mission statement keeps me on track: to help people and have fun.

Little do they know: I once duetted with Robbie Williams at The Brit Awards. In the toilets, but still….

Joel at Codebreak
A proud geek, award-winning graphic designer and with over ten years’ experience in the marketing and design industry I’m passionate about helping values-led clients grow their brands and maximise their potential.
Little do they know: I have come face-to-face with a bear, in the wild. I backed down.
Emma at Codebreak
Office Manager
I am the most organised woman in the world. I hate clutter. I keep an eye on everyone and everything and we are proud to be steering a lean ship.
We invest in learning, a cool office and staff perks… but nothing that is style over substance. It’s one of the reasons we can give clients genuine value for money.
Little do they know: My father founded Truprint.
Jenny at Codebreak

Operations Manager

I bring a decade of marketing experience to Codebreak clients, focusing mainly on social media management. It is intense, and I have learned that not everyone can do it.

Clients also need me for filming and editing videos, which I love. They do say variety is the spice of life!

Little do they know: I reached Grade 8 in the violin and have played onstage at the Edinburgh Festival.

Louise at Codebreak

Account Manager

Andy tells me that if I was a cricketer, I’d be an all-rounder. I know nothing about cricket but apparently this is a compliment!

I love learning and, whilst I don’t want to dilute my skillsets by taking on too much, I enjoy helping clients with social media, copywriting, email marketing and Google Ads.

Little do they know: I can rock any hat. Trilby, beret, baseball cap, even a Davy Crockett one…. Come and test me!

Fergus at Codebreak
Digital Account Executive
I am a Facebook accredited advertiser, able to run cost effective campaigns that bring clients enquiries! I love it that Codebreak is results-driven.
I am also a trained WordPress developer, building high quality, user-friendly bespoke websites.
Little do they know: I have met all the members of Canadian rock group, Barenaked Ladies. I even got to play pinball next to the lead singer and my hero, Ed Robertson!
Kimberley at Codebreak


I’m mostly responsible for the words. So if you need a blog, newsletter or website copy putting together – I’ll probably be your contact.

I love working with a client to share their unique story. Why they do what they do, which translates into how they help their target audience. It is all about empathy and benefits. 

Little do they know: I once lived in a library for three months.

Emily at Codebreak

Studio Assistant

I am the face you will see at the door or the voice you’ll hear on the phone! I’m passionate about excellent customer service. I am also creative and adventurous, and I am always welcome to bring my ideas to the table.

Equally as important, I make a mean cup of coffee!

Little do they know: As a baby, I was once cuddled by Hannah from S Club 7.

Our founders are two business partners and friends, who have worked in marketing & design since University. We run Codebreak like a family. We have fun in our work otherwise what’s the point? Our clients have a passion for what they do and a culture of continuous improvement.

We take our work super seriously and our standard of service is second to none, but marketing creativity is borne out of enjoyment as well as experience.

The team has helped hundreds of businesses over the years and generated thousands of new customers for them. We know what we’re doing.

Our Values

Deliver happiness through excellent service

Welcome and drive change

Stay hungry

Embrace opportunity

Be adventurous, creative and open minded

Pursue growth and learning

Be confident but humble

Challenge yourself and challenge each other

Create and simplify

Togetherness and enthusiasm

Their design, website and social media services have been invaluable.

Mathew Morris

Shrewsbury Homes

Codebreak is proud to support The Harry Johnson Trust. To find out why, please check out the video below that we put together for them. Emotional stuff.

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Who we work with

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