About Codebreak

The Codebreak team is sought by leading UK businesspeople for their insights into marketing. Specifically, Marketing That Sells™.

We are responsible for results like this:

Generating a x10 return on ad spend

x120 return on Black Friday ad spend

Doubling the speed of growth

133% increase in monthly sales



Still not sure what we’re about…?

Results-driven marketing

Our collective experience has been gained over decades in the industry. Codebreak’s co-founders, Andy Rao and Joel Stone, have more than 35 years’ experience alone to share with you. In their previous lives, they worked on ad campaigns for the likes of Vodafone, Lucozade, Tiger Beer, and Anthony Joshua.

What gets us up in the morning is helping business owners like you take back control. Seeing you get to spend more time doing whatever it is you love doing, whilst we drive enquiries and sales.

Our Values

Stay hungry

Start with ‘why’

Impress with results

Read and lead

Systemise and automate

Be confident but humble

Get out of your comfort zone

Own your shit

We have creatives on our team, but it has to be creativity that works. If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative, as ad pioneer David Ogilvy said. Underneath it all, you want to see your numbers go up, right? The fabled Return On Investment, which is not often talked about by the marketing gurus out there.

Like the ad numbers below: 

Taking £76.70 and turning it into £960.05

Taking £174.03 and turning it into £1,407.70

Facebook Ad Results

You and us

If you’re a good fit for us, and vice versa, we would deploy our Marketing That Sells™ system for you. Experienced people at the helm driving the ideas and strategies… processes, tools, and automation taking care of the work.

How much time would this give you back? How many marketing tasks are sucking the life and joy out of your dream?

Writing social media posts
Editing videos
Checking stats
Writing blogs
Writing emails
Correcting errors
Trying to get more reviews
Trying to get more web traffic
Trying to work out which ads are losing you money….

Sound familiar?

There is a better way.

Who’ll be helping you?

We have generated thousands of new customers for businesses like yours over the years. From a chain of hairdressing salons to an accountancy practice and a leading property development firm… no matter in which industry you work, our Marketing That Sells™ system will drive enquiries and sales.

You will benefit from having a dedicated Account Manager and access to their private diary. Three people would be involved in your account, to ensure you receive uninterrupted support.

You are welcome to come and visit us at our Shrewsbury HQ should we progress to working together.

Meet the team, enjoy the best coffee in town and maybe even take part in Codebreak’s Stay Hungry podcast! With over 4,000 listeners, it has quickly become one of the most popular marketing podcasts in the UK. Through interviewing US marketing luminaries such as Chris Thomas (Yonder), we’ve seen growth across the pond too.

Codebreak - Stay Hungry - Direct Response Marketing

Don't forget to secure your Discovery Call

The benefits of a Discovery Call
You’ll be speaking with a business owner, not “just” a marketer

Get clarity on your numbers

Find out the true potential for marketing your business

Know what is achievable and what isn’t

No-nonsense, jargon-free advice

The Codebreak Crew

Andy and Joel, co-founders of Codebreak


 Hello! Here’s some info you may find of use if you’re looking for a new marketing partner. Or maybe you’re just being nosey. Either way, thank you for visiting our humble website.

 I’ve worked in the media industry since 1996. I got my degree in English and Psychology then hotfooted it down to London for my first job, which was at Carlton TV. The training there was intense, although my dad still said I was “trained in nothing”! I learnt lots about sales and marketing, knowledge which I still refer to today and share with my team.

But you’ve got to keep learning. Marketing develops at a pace, especially social media. So after Carlton TV, I moved to Pearl & Dean Cinema Advertising, which is where I met my wife. Turns out she was from Shropshire as well so, when we got married, we moved back to our fair home county. As much as we moan about them, it’s nice to be close to our families.

We bought a local online advertising franchise in 2006 as we fancied working for ourselves. Both of our fathers were self-employed. This business was thebestof Shrewsbury, which Emma still runs today. We knew online marketing was the future and threw ourselves into it completely, working 16 hours a day, networking, reading and – of course – helping our clients. You have to know your stuff, but customer service is also key.

Emma and I were soon in a position to start offering additional promotional services alongside thebestof. This turned into the formation of our own marketing company, Key 3 Media. Social media management, email marketing and copywriting were our main focuses. Social media especially as it requires 24/7 attention to detail, which none of our competitors seemed to be able (or want) to do.

Copywriting is still my bag now. My degree came in handy after all! A good story, along with good grammar and spelling, is what will turn the discerning reader into a loyal customer. As they say, facts tell but stories sell.

What Key 3 Media also provided were design services, from websites to brochures. But we had to harness other partners for these skillsets… namely Joel, who had his own award-winning design agency… and the seeds for Codebreak were sown! The full monty of marketing and design under one roof.

Done-For-You marketing and Consultancy. That’s what we do. That’s how we help. And we LOVE it. Marketing & Design is all we’ve known. And we instil the same work ethic in our team – they have to have that passion for quality and, again, customer service. They also won’t put up with attitude, just to be clear. A few businesses have mistaken our kindness for softness, and that’s not on.

So we’ll only work with nice people 😁 There has to be mutual respect, agreed goals and the odd drink or two. Happy days!

Little do they know: I once met Nicole Kidman and told her I loved her. Alcohol may have been involved. She smiled politely and quickly moved on.



 Hi! I’m Joel, the funny one of the two Co-founders. Andy would say “funny” in inverted commas, but you can decide. To give you a feel on my history, my experience and why I can help your business (or businesses, you entrepreneur, you), read on….

By trade, I’m an award-winning graphic designer. I have a first-class honours degree in graphic design, and I’ve been lucky enough to work on some of the biggest brands in the world. I’ve worked everywhere, from Manchester to China and lots of places in between. My design career exposed me to lots of brands, good and bad, and it is that wealth of experience and understanding of companies big and small that forms the core of my design understanding today.

However, that isn’t the end of the story. During the dark times of the recession, I briefly trained as an accountant. So not only do I have a great understanding of a company from a brand perspective, I’m pretty hot on finances and profitability too!

In 2011, I setup my own design agency called Squeak. We predominantly offered graphic design and web design but a thirst for help with social media and digital marketing meant the business soon headed in that direction. We built up a solid client base across the Midlands and beyond and we worked closely with marketing agency, Key 3 Media.

In fact, so closely that we were soon sharing an office!

We knew we could help people further. The whole was greater than the sum of its parts, so to speak. And with that, the idea for Codebreak was hatched.

Andy and I are like the Dynamic Duo (some would say the Two Ronnies). We encourage and drive each other on. It is that enthusiasm and experience to help businesses that I love about Codebreak and working with Andy and the team.

My passion is to get “under the bonnet” of a company’s marketing. What are your goals (both as a company and owner), what’s the profitability and how can we make this work for you? I’ve been known to grill a few business owners in kick-off meetings. I want to know how passionate you are about your product or service, what your values are and if we are a great fit to work together.

We love working with ambitious, fun business owners, who like to get things done. Once your marketing campaign is delivering the results you expect, let’s celebrate together!

Emma at Codebreak


We invest in learning, a cool office, and staff perks… but nothing that is style over substance. It’s one of the reasons we can give clients genuine value for money.

Little do they know: My father founded Truprint.

Fergus at Codebreak

Technical Manager

I am a Facebook accredited advertiser, able to run cost-effective campaigns that bring clients enquiries!

I am also a trained WordPress developer, building high quality, user-friendly bespoke websites.

Little do they know: I have met all the members of Canadian rock group, Barenaked Ladies. I even got to play pinball next to the lead singer and my hero, Ed Robertson!


Emily at Codebreak

Creative Manager

A lover of all things words, telling your story is my passion. Whether that’s through PR, a blog or a kickass marketing campaign. I’m here to get your business the recognition it deserves.

I’ve worked all over the world, creating content for a variety of different businesses and publications. I’ve met the most inspiring people who have such passion for their business and that’s my favourite bit. Understanding what inspired your dream, what you see for the future of your business and delivering that vision through your marketing.

Little do they know: I once ran into a bear when working in the Adirondacks in New York. I was jogging back to my cabin at night, turned back to talk to someone and hit something. When I looked up, I was facetoface with a bear! Safe to say, my jog broke into a sprint!

Kimberley at Codebreak

Marketing Executive

I’m passionate about writing copy with purpose. I am also creative, and organise content visits. From blog notes to taking photos and shooting videos, a key responsibility is removing this marketing pressure from clients.

Equally as important, I oversee all of Codebreak’s own organic marketing.

Little do they know: As a baby, I was once cuddled by Hannah from S Club 7.

Emily at Codebreak

Digital Marketing Apprentice

I originally got to start off at Codebreak on work experience, but I am back again for good
this time and super keen to get my teeth into my apprenticeship!

I will be focusing mostly on the creative side of marketing, as well as visiting clients and
learning from the rest of the team. I love that everyday is varied and I can make this role my

Little do they know: I once met Mark Owen from Take That and had a really ordinary
conversation with him.

Fergus at Codebreak


We have just finished a round of recruitment, so no positions are currently available. But we are always keen to hear from switched-on individuals who are hungry to start or progress in the world of marketing.
You are welcome to email your CV to hello@codebreak.co.uk


Stay Hungry podcast

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