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About Codebreak

Co-founders of Codebreak, Andy Rao and Joel Stone, are sought by solopreneurs turning over five figures a month who want better results from their marketing.

Specifically, using world class strategies to get them more customers.

Whether you own a celebration venue, car dealership, clinic or legal practice… it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re after more customers!

Codebreak would love to chat with you.


Clients have enjoyed results such as:

120x return on a Black Friday ad campaign

Selling a £2k product for a £70 spend

133% increase in monthly sales


Still not sure whether Codebreak can help you? Read on….

Results-driven marketing

The crew’s experience has been gained over decades in the industry. Codebreak Co-founders and Amazon bestselling authors, Andy and Joel, have more than 40 years’ experience alone to share with you.

In their previous lives, they worked on campaigns for the likes of Vodafone, Lucozade, Tiger Beer, and Anthony Joshua.

What gets us up in the morning is growing small businesses. Our purpose is to help people and have fun. That means seeing you spending more time doing whatever it is you love doing because we’ve got your marketing covered.

Our Values

Stay hungry

Start with ‘why’

Impress with results

Be kind

Keep your word

Be confident but humble

Get out of your comfort zone

Own your shit

There are creatives on our team, of course, so anything we design for you will look cool and on-brand. But it has to be creativity that works.

Underneath it all, you want to see the right numbers go up. The fabled Return On Investment, which is not talked about by all the marketing gurus out there.

Like the ad numbers below:

Taking £76.70 from a client and giving them back £960.05

Turning £174.03 into £1,407.70

If you’d love to see measurable returns like that from your ad spend, let’s chat!

Facebook Ads Example

You and us

The Codebreak Crew will systematically put the right messages in front of the right people, i.e. those most likely to buy from you. The end result is more customers.

How much time will this give you back? How many marketing tasks are sucking the joy out of your life without showing a return?

Not knowing how to maximize your ad spend

Seeing more money go out than come in

Checking statistics

Fiddling with your website

Writing emails

Designing “hooks” and lead magnets

Wishing you had guidance and support

Does any of that sound familiar? The good news is, there is a better way!

The Codebreak Crew

Andy and Joel, lead gen specialists

Joel & Andy

Emma Rao Headshot


Emma Rao Headshot


Evie headshot


Martha Dale


Poddy Headshot


Andy and Poddy
Codebreak Crew photo
Evie Bache
Crew in London
Martha on content visit
Caitlin on the phone
Evie and Martha
Emily on JMAN Visit
Poddy playing pool
Evie and Martha
Evie in London
Caitlin and Joel

Your six-star service

Codebreak has made thousands of new customers for clients over the years. Whether you’re an accountant, property developer, dentist… the principles remain the same.

As a client of Codebreak, you’ll enjoy what we call a “six-star service”. You want results, sure, but you also want to feel valued, right?

You’ll benefit from a service that includes your own Account Manager, an email address that reaches everyone involved and regular strategy sessions.

You can even access a concierge service, where you can ask for guidance on any other aspect of your business.

You’ll further benefit from a kickoff meeting, so that everything’s clearly agreed and nailed down. That can be face-to-face at Codebreak HQ or over Zoom, whichever suits you best.

If it’s the former, you’ll get to meet the crew and maybe even guest on our Stay Hungry podcast! With thousands of downloads, it has become one of the most popular marketing podcasts in the UK. Through interviewing super successful businesspeople such as The Disruptive Entrepreneur, Rob Moore, we’ve seen exponential growth both sides of the Atlantic.

Codebreak - Stay Hungry - Direct Response Marketing

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