Andy Rao

Andy Rao

I’m the co-founder of Codebreak and the formula we call Marketing That Sells™. This is our tried-and-tested combination of systems, processes and checks that creates leads for our small business clients.

Maybe you’ve been following myself or Joel for some time. Listening to our Stay Hungry podcast, which has had thousands of downloads. Reading our Amazon bestseller. Er, also called Stay Hungry.

Or you don’t know me from Adam! I don’t want to set the world on fire, just help happy people who want to ethically grow their business.

“I’ve worked with Andy for almost a decade now. I don’t think many businesses will have that long a relationship with a marketer! From social media consultancy and Pay Per Click to content creation, copywriting and even firefighting… Andy and his team are the experts to call.”

– Dave Courteen, Mosaic Spa & Health Group

The bright lights of London

I’ve been in Media for a long time. I cut my teeth at ITV in 1996, a baptism of fire after a cushy time at university. But I loved it. It was work hard, play hard. Some of the marketing insights I share with clients now are what I learnt back then. My favourite mantra is “the worst number in marketing is one” and I got that from my first boss.

I moved to Pearl & Dean Cinema Advertising next. My first media love – the big screen! Ever since my dad took me to see Star Trek: The Motion Picture in ’79. A huge amount of plate-spinning was involved there, organising research studies into ad campaigns up and down the country. With nothing but a notebook and Excel…! Which makes me sound like a right old fart.

Overall, London taught me the importance of structure. This is where many small businesses struggle when it comes to growth; their marketing is random, reactive and ad hoc. There is no plan.

Andy Rao Director at Codebreak

Content is king

After P&D, I moved back to my home county of Shropshire and my life as a business owner began. I focused mainly on pay per click advertising and copywriting, and that is still the case now. With a dual honours degree in English Literature and Psychology, it plays to my strengths.

Copywriting is a massive part of both Codebreak’s done-for-you and consultancy services; using words to make people more likely to buy. That’s the name of the game. Most of your competitors won’t be able to write copy that sells, so get in there!

By having effective copy in your marketing, you’ll position yourself better as an expert in your field. You’ve got to stand out, which leads to trust, then leads and sales.

I’ve made mistakes in business. Lots of them. But most of them only once. OK, twice. From finances to staff and, yes, even marketing! I’ve taken risks but that’s the world of investing in your business, isn’t it? If it’s meant to be, you’ll make more good investments than bad ones and come out on top.

It’s not making decisions that will scupper you.

Be yourself, be kind

If you want to grow, protect and scale your business, myself, Joel and the crew would love to help you, every step of the way. There’s a tonne of marketing rubbish being spouted out there on the interweb; maybe you don’t know which way to turn. Joel and I will give you results but also honesty and passion.

All built from hands-on business experience. Not theory spouted from the safety of the stage.

I’m with you, at the coal face, where real shit happens. You’ll receive done-for-you or consultancy that’s been tried-and-tested. You’ll receive Marketing That Sells™.

Away from work, I love cycling, the gym and a bit of running. I need to get back on the mats too; judo and jiu jitsu but not since lockdown. My health plays a big part in my business because, for me, everything’s intertwined. Physical health, mental health… enjoying the gifts that many people are denied.

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