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Stay Hungry: How to Create Marketing That Sells™ Even in the New Economy

Skyrocket your marketing with our Amazon bestseller! Your step-by-step guide to Codebreak’s proven marketing system….

Stay Hungry – How to Create Marketing That Sells™ Even in the New Economy is the jargon-free way to take your business to the next level.

Whether you’re a sole trader, start-up or long-established firm needing to expand, Codebreak’s Marketing That Sells™ system will help.

It’s tried-and-tested, you see. If you’re the sort of business owner who wants the phone and the till to ring more, you clearly value strategies that have been actioned out there on the battlefield. All those internet “gurus” who’ve never actually owned a successful business themselves mean well but what they’re often peddling is theory.

Theories don’t put food on the table.

If you want to earn more money and help more people, without your brain going into overload, Marketing That Sells™ is for you.

No matter where you are in your journey, start at Step 1 of Marketing That Sells™ rather than dipping in and dipping out wherever you feel. Because business growth is a process. A formula. You start with the end in mind, but you still start at the start.

You’ll learn things.

You’ll be reminded of things you already know.

You’ll see how it all pieces together.

You’ll end up with a clear plan of scaling your business through smarter marketing.

Let your competitors do bits of marketing in between all the firefighting. A few social media posts when they can, with no strategy behind them. Let them spend time, effort and money without knowing the outcome. You sit back and smile, knowing what your Return On Investment is.

Marketing That Sells™ will help you increase your revenues. It will also give you your day back. By embracing systemisation and automation, you can do more of whatever it is you love doing. Better than dealing with tyre-kickers on Facebook, sifting through statistics and trying to get your website to rank higher.

Impact. Growth. FREEDOM!

Enjoy the ride.

Stay Hungry came well-recommended, and it didn’t disappoint. I read it in one sitting and had fun doing it.

A wonderfully simple, enjoyable and exciting step-by-step approach to the minefield of marketing your business with detailed examples: these guys know their stuff and now I do, too.

If your business isn’t making the traction you want, and you haven’t read this, you’re asking for trouble!

– Tom L

Stay Hungry: How to Create Marketing That Sells™ Even in the New Economy

Available in print and digital

Buy Stay Hungry on Amazon
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I’ve witnessed Andy & Joel’s transformational marketing skills first hand. What they don’t know, isn’t worth knowing. In this book they combine their years of experience, testing and measuring to demonstrate the power of their marketing system. If you’re looking to make your marketing sell, this is the book for you.

– Chris Penman
Bestselling Author & Director, Stark Consulting Engineers Ltd

There are numerous marketing books out there offering methods that are just not within reach of a business owner. They’re written for marketers themselves. Stay Hungry is different. Andy and Joel have perfected their system and this book to speak to those who need it most, business decision makers looking for growth.

– Matt Harmsworth
Bestselling Author & Director, ROAVR Group

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