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No One’s Spending!

People spend lots in Q4. They’re just perhaps not spending it with you. The fact is – money is still moving around the economy. It may be moving more slowly but it’s still there. So, as business owners, we’ve got to work smarter to get hold of it…

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The Fortune’s in the Follow-up

Something I see and hear every day on social media is business owners moaning that their leads are sh1t. Now, unless you genuinely are bad at targeting, it ain’t the leads that are the problem – it’s the follow-up process…

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Wasting Money as an Event Exhibitor

No one likes wasting money, but I see it all the time. Me and Joel went to an amazing conference this week, but we saw lots of cases of exhibitors losing money…

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How To Attract Superfans

When your marketing content is safely in the middle all the time, you won’t attract any haters. But you won’t create any superfans either…

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