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Marketing Mega Bundle Offer

My wife washes the Mini once a week, sometimes twice. I don’t wash my car. I take it to my car wash client. You either look at it one way or the other. Some business owners want to do their marketing themselves and others don’t…

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The Importance Of Leading With Value

When you give first, you’re more likely to get back. Lead with value. Most businesses don’t give. They take. They never ask what they can do to help. They just try and sell all the time. Badly…

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No One’s Spending!

People spend lots in Q4. They’re just perhaps not spending it with you. The fact is – money is still moving around the economy. It may be moving more slowly but it’s still there. So, as business owners, we’ve got to work smarter to get hold of it…

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The Fortune’s in the Follow-up

Something I see and hear every day on social media is business owners moaning that their leads are sh1t. Now, unless you genuinely are bad at targeting, it ain’t the leads that are the problem – it’s the follow-up process…

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