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Trust is More Important Than Knowledge

by | Nov 27, 2023

I recently bought a painting by the Rolling Stone, Ronnie Wood.

I went into this art gallery because I was bored standing in Pandora whilst my girls looked at bracelets.

I love The Rolling Stones. Emma and I got to see them back in 2019 at Old Trafford. They were awesome.

So seeing this Ronnie Wood painting hit all the right notes.

The member of staff talking to me was a decent bloke. We had a nice chat. He listened rather than just talk at me (always good).

I then asked him a question about the painting, to which he didn’t know the answer. Rather than trying to blag it, he called over a colleague, who did know the answer.

This is crucial in business – TRUST is more important than knowledge.

As you grow, you don’t have to know everything about everything.

In fact, it becomes liberating.

When someone asks me a technical question about Facebook Ads, say, I can direct them to Martha.

SEO? I’ll get Poddy to call you by midday.

Most of my learning is focused on business ownership and self development, not every single aspect of technical marketing.

If someone trusts you, they’ll wait for you or a colleague to find out the answer.

Option A: You risk blagging it.

Option B: You tell them you’ll find out the answer by a certain time, and you meet that deadline.

My advice? Go with Option B.

The acquisition of knowledge – the right knowledge – is great. But it won’t make the till ring if no one trusts you.

So… how are you conveying trust in your marketing?

Testimonials that show the pain you solve is a great start.

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Until next time, stay hungry.

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