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The Fortune’s in the Follow-up

by | Oct 11, 2023

I want to quickly share with you some crucial info when it comes to lead generation.

All marketers seem be talking about “lead gen” like it’s a new thing.

But something I see and hear every day on social media is business owners moaning that their leads are sh1t. Now, unless you genuinely are bad at targeting, it ain’t the leads that are the problem…

… it’s the follow-up process.

I’ll give you an example. It’s now been a week since Joel and I attended a conference, and we gave our contact details to about eight or nine companies after chatting to them and thinking, “Yeah, these guys actually could be good partners or good suppliers for us.”

They provide a service, we give them money, right? 

Guess how many of those companies have contacted us? 


Which is better than nothing, I suppose. But two out of eight or nine?

It’s a corny phrase, but the fortune really is in the follow-up. If your idea of following up a lead is to send one voicemail or to send one email, or in this case, to do f*cking nothing within a week, again, it ain’t the leads that are the problem. 

In a week, God knows what could happen to your company. To any company. Life gets in the way. A key member of staff go off sick. You could have an unexpected bill. Basically, reasons not to give someone money who you wanted to give money to before. 

As ever, if you want to know more, not just about targeting the right people, but nurturing those people and converting them from prospects into leads and into customers, apply for a free Discovery Call.

Stay hungry.

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