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Are You Giving Potential New Customers Too Many Choices?

by | Apr 4, 2022

My wife and youngest daughter were away for the night for a gymnastics competition.

Emma and I watch telly together. We like loads of the same programmes and films. But, as she was away, it was my opportunity to watch something I’d like that maybe wouldn’t be her dream viewing.

So I sat down and what happened? There was so much choice and ended up watching a sci-fi film I’d bought years ago and have watched more than once.

Even though the range and quality of TV available is immense, it was more difficult to choose something to watch compared to when there were four channels to choose from and b*gger-all else.

Avoid giving too much choice

When it comes to making your ads more effective, you want to avoid giving people too much choice.

If your ad drives people to a page where they have more than two choices, they’ll dither. And, whilst they’re dithering, the chances of them doing what you want them to do drop through the floor.

You’ll see more conversions if there’s only one thing for them to do or a choice of two things.

If you’re talking lead generation, it’s simple. One form. Fill out this form or go away. That’s what lead gen boils down to.

Anything else, do you want A or B? It “makes” people choose one or the other. If you throw C into the mix, suddenly they don’t know where to go.

“Do you want Platinum or Gold?” will get you more results than, “Do you want Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze?”

You think it’s good giving them more options to choose from but all you’ll be doing is creating confusion and uncertainty. So the decision-making process takes longer, meaning life has more chance to get in the way.

The best ads are always about something specific. If you click on an ad for a pair of trainers, you want to get taken to a page that showcases that specific pair of trainers. Or maybe one other pair for comparison. Not ten pairs, or five pairs plus some jumpers and T-shirts.

Do any cross-selling and up-selling after they’ve made their choice. “Would you like fries with that?”

The cardinal sin is paying to drive people to your homepage. The end destination from a digital ad should never be your homepage. Again, it needs more specificity.

Limiting people’s options is not dumbing down your business. It’s making your next potential new customer’s decision easy.

Easy is good. It’ll make you more money.

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