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Codebreak Sponsors Shropshire Live

by | Sep 6, 2019

Although Codebreak helps businesses across the UK, we have lots of clients local to us in Shropshire and are big fans of #SupportLocal. We love being able to chat face-to-face too, as great as FaceTime and Skype are.

So, yes, local is important to us, which is why we jumped on the opportunity to partner with such a prestigious website as Shropshire Live. They were looking for sponsorship for their Business News section and we were out of the blocks faster than Usain Bolt.

High traffic Shropshire website

The sponsorship slots on Shropshire Live’s Business News section get seen around 100,000 times a month. There’s no point having a lovely ad if no one sees it! Plus Codebreak naturally wants to target business owners, and – surprise, surprise – business owners are more interested in business news than Joe Bloggs.

So Shropshire Live has both volume and profile covered.

Our marketing work in Shropshire

We work within a wide range of sectors. One minute, we could be devising a social media for an accountancy practice… the next, we could be designing a website for a school or a brochure for a luxury spa. Variety is the spice of life, as they say.

There is a plethora of awesome businesses in Shropshire and, as long as the decision-makers are nice, smiley and values-led, we’d love to help them. Codebreak’s mission statement is “to help people and have fun”. That’s hugely important to us. Life’s too short to work with miserable or rude people.

Our sponsorship with Shropshire Live should further boost our work locally. We are also sponsors of premier health & rackets centre, The Shrewsbury Club. Between the two, we’re confident of putting our name in front of more of the right people.

Marketing across the UK

As mentioned, Codebreak works with businesses locally and nationally. We even have a few international clients. Pan-European Facebook Ads have been amongst the best performing. A client in Australia is proving to be an exciting challenge and we’re planning on doing more work over there, particularly social media consultancy.

Social media consultancy is a fast-growing service for Codebreak on the whole. Rather than taking care of every aspect of a client’s social media, we strategize and advise and the client takes care of the implementation. So if you know any businesses that are able to look after their social media in-house but perhaps need a guiding hand, please send them our way!

Anyway, enough of my yakking. It’s all hugely exciting. We will work wherever but your home is where your heart is and our heart’s in Shropshire.

We look forward to our exciting new partnership with Shropshire Live and want to say a big “thanks” to Chris, Martin and the team there.

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