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Five Benefits Of Facebook Creator Studio

by | Oct 16, 2019

You might have heard, you might not have, but Facebook has launched a new tool called Facebook Creator Studio. The idea behind this is to make it easier for Facebook Admins to understand how their content is performing, make changes and schedule posts.

As with most things, experience and time are two things that will help people make the most of it. Facebook is changing so rapidly, it requires constant dedicated learning to make sure you’re ahead of the curve.

Facebook Creator Studio comes with a tonne of great benefits. Here are Codebreak’s favourite five:

1. Instagram scheduling

Facebook owns Instagram, so it was only a matter of time before they started working together on the same set of tools.

Creator Studio allows you to view and schedule posts to Instagram, as long as the profile is connected to the relevant Facebook page, of course. The main benefit is that you don’t have to wait around for the perfect moment to post your content. If want to post a foodie picture but you have a meeting stretching over lunchtime, get Creator Studio to schedule it for you!

[Facebook also owns WhatsApp, and there is exciting news about that coming soon. We’ll have it covered for you.]

2. Insights on the homepage

Sometimes, all you want to know is how well your content is performing compared to others. The new ‘Insights’ section on the Creator Studio homepage enables you to do just that. It shows you things like reactions, minutes viewed (for any video content) and the number of views that video got without having to dig through the analytics.

Remember that Facebook will “reward” videos that people watch at least 50% of. This is one of the reasons many businesses keep their Facebook videos short and sweet.

3. Ability to post on multiple accounts from one dashboard

If you’re in charge of a few different Facebook accounts, it might get a bit too tiresome going back and forth all the time. Well, Creator Studio eliminates that. You’re able to view and post to multiple accounts from one dashboard.

There’s no need to switch between all your accounts in Business Manager, copy and paste content, or do any of the usual faffing. Creator Studio makes it so easy. The tool streamlines your content process and gets the job done quicker.

4. Easily see all accounts on one homepage

Following on from the multiple accounts, Creator Studio lets you see what your accounts look like from a single page. Again, no need to flick back and forth between various tabs. As Codebreak manages dozens of Facebook accounts, this is a dream!

It can also help achieve better brand consistency. You can see all your posts and content side-by-side, meaning you can tweak your posts to make them a little more suitable.

5. More modern post-builder

Finally, Creator Studio has created an updated post-builder that is pretty straightforward! The post-builder lets you see all the content you’ve previously posted, scheduled posts and any drafts.

There’s also a content library that helps you sort your content by status, date and other things – which can be useful if you need to whittle down and find a post! You can also quickly view the engagement that those particular posts have received, straight from the library.

Another handy tool to do with posting is ‘Rights Manager’. This allows you to protect any audio and video content you create from plagiarism by others. It’s a powerful new service that businesses, content creators and marketers should be mindful of.

You need to apply and be approved for Rights Manager.

As you’ve guessed, we’re big fans of Facebook Creator Studio. It’s quick and slick – almost everything you need in the same place. Convenience will always be key.

One thing’s for sure; it’s another nail in the coffin of 3rd party scheduing tools such as Buffer or Hootsuite. They will have their advantages, of course, especially if you’re scheduling content across Twitter and LinkedIn as well.

But if your social media focus is on Facebook and Instagram, Creator Studio is well worth a look.

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