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Free Website or Social Media Audit

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Are your website and social media working hard for you?

How does your online presence stack up against the competition?

If you’re not sure, Codebreak can find out for you.

Our team has helped hundreds of businesses over the years, from gyms and hotels to solicitors and accountants. What do you want to do? Increase sales? Generate referrals? Looks cooler than your competitors?

Codebreak’s marketing & design solutions are tailor-made following a meeting but, for a limited period, we are offering a free, no obligation audit.

Some things on your website or social media may be working well for you. Others may need tweaking or changing altogether, again depending on your goals. Our advice will be honest.

Codebreak provides customer-focused, essential marketing services to a number of our hospitality venues. Their 24/7 proactive support is second to none.

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How do we use social to promote our clients?

Long experience and continual testing has proven to us which marketing combinations work the best for different industries. Pretty much every business needs a good website to start with. That is a given.

A client’s website may then be supplemented by Google Ads, email marketing, blogs, offline marketing collateral, etc. and of course social media. As a generalization, for B2C it is Facebook, Facebook Advertising and Instagram. For B2B, Facebook Advertising and LinkedIn.

Given your industry knowledge, you probably already know this.

But it’s how you undertake social media rather than what you know. How to research the strongest content, how to split test Facebook Ads, how to design branded posts, how to write copy that hooks and sells… and more.

Codebreak has the in-house skills and experience to take care of everything for you. We can even manage a client’s social media 24/7 for them. We have encountered and addressed pretty much every social media situation, from simple questions to malicious attacks.

Codebreak marketing agency

The evidence

Here’s a recent example of a business we helped in the wedding industry.

The client spent £1795 on their new website, a clean and clear portfolio site. Their combined Facebook management fee and ad budget in month no.1 was £550.

A total initial spend of £2,345.

The Facebook activity generated 47 appointments. These converted into 23 sales… an overall profit to our client of £16,100.

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Where we work

Codebreak is based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire but we help businesses across the UK and a number further afield. Australia is becoming an interesting market for us.

What do our marketing services cost?

We won’t take money off anyone and everyone. Potential clients ask us questions but we have questions too! If we don’t think we can help, we’d rather say no.

Again, step no.1 is FREE – the audit.

We will audit and report back on your website or preferred social media channel.

Upon reading your audit results, you may want to discuss working together. You may not. That’s up to you.

If you do want Codebreak to skyrocket your website and/or social media for you, our websites start at £2,999+vat and social media £750+vat per month.

How many sales would you need to convert to make a profit on those figures?

Brand new retained clients sign up to a three-month bedding-in period rather than any kind of long contract. That is their only commitment. We’ll show them what we can do and make sure that both parties are happy with the communication.

Open and respectful communication is crucial for us. We’re super serious about our work but we have fun too. If we are right for each other, we’ll do great business together and have a good time along the way.

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Your free website or social media audit

Our topline audit will give you handy tips on your website or preferred social media channel.

If what you’re doing is awesome, we’ll say, “Well done,” and go about our business.

If there are hurdles, we’ll suggest how to get over them better than Edwin Moses (showing our age there).

What have you got to lose?

We’ll get your report back to you within one working week. That is our promise.

Request your free audit:

By requesting a free audit you agree to free marketing insights from Codebreak.

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Our purpose

To help people and have fun

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