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Marketing For Lazy People

by | Nov 8, 2021

No, I don’t mean being lazy about your marketing. As if! I mean making sure your marketing can be understood and actioned by lazy people.

Because most of us are lazy. It’s not meant to be an insult. Technology has made so many things so easy, it’s almost inevitable.

Let’s face it…

Nowadays you can press one button to order a product and it arrives free of charge the next day. You can instantly message someone on the other side of the world. Joel ordered his Tesla Model 3 and did it all online. He didn’t have to waste time trying to get someone to return his voicemails.

Here’s the thing – if what you want a prospect or customer to do involves even a little effort, you’re losing business. 

If you’re selling online but not offering a range of payment options, maybe even payment plans depending on your price point, you’re losing money.

If you’re dependent on appointments but don’t offer online booking, you’re losing money.

If you want people to email you but your email address is only in one place on your website… well, you know.

So whenever you’re working on a marketing & sales process, put yourself in a lazy person’s shoes. Ask yourself, “How can this process be made easier?”

You may think something in your business is easy to follow because you know your business inside-out. But Joe Public doesn’t. This is why Codebreak is often called upon to act as a fresh pair of eyes. To map out the buying journey and sort it. It’s the difference between fluffy marketing and marketing that sells.

Business owners spend a lot of time, energy and money driving people into their bucket of potential new customers. But they don’t plug the holes in that bucket first.

Until next time, stay hungry.

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