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Driving leads for you

Codebreak focuses on one thing: using our Marketing That Sells™ system to generate leads for businesses like yours.

If you’re fed up with your marketing not moving the needle, and you want a professional outfit to seamlessly take over things, you’ve come to the right place.

Is this you…?

  • You’re spending time and money and the phone isn’t ringing enough
  • You’d rather be the owner of your business rather than a slave to your marketing
  • Your evenings and weekends are interrupted by marketing tasks and notifications
  • You know that the content you have going out just ain’t good enough
  • You can’t keep your marketing consistent because it gets put into the ‘must do tomorrow’ pile
  • You’re p*ssed off that your competitors seem to be everywhere and they’re not even as good as you

It’s why most business owners get their staff to chip in. (Some staff don’t even need to be asked because they fancy themselves as marketers. They get loads of LOLs on their socials, right?) Only you find that…

… Staff will only get you so-so results

Here’s the problem – if they’re not full-time marketers, how are they expected to grow your business AND do their day job? Do they just fit in their marketing tasks as and when, in between all the firefighting?

Plus their fingers will hardly be on the pulse when they can’t dedicate enough hours to learning. Things change in marketing at the drop of a hat (social media especially), and it’s your reputation, sales and money on the line.

If marketing is treated like a part-time job, it will yield part-time results.

Meaning in one last-ditch attempt to salvage something from the wreck, people look to a marketing agency for help.

Agencies will bend you over a barrel

This is how it usually goes – you approach an agency, they say they can do everything for you… and then nothing. You’re constantly chasing for updates, you feel at the bottom of the pile and you’re not even sure what the results are.

You may have even found that you’re tied in with them, which you hadn’t been made aware of. Ad accounts owned by them rather than you, a website platform that you don’t have full control of….

You’ve had techno-jargon thrown at you, some pretty designs and lots of talk of “brand awareness”…

… but the phone still isn’t ringing and leads are flatlining.

Which is why we want to introduce to you a new way.

A way that means you and your staff can keep doing what you need to do.

A way that means you can still get the lead gen off your plate AND see a Return On Investment.

We deeply appreciate your efforts. You are helping us do something that I think will help people’s lives and creating something quite exciting.

Owen O'Kane

Globally Acclaimed Psychotherapist & Speaker

Our Marketing That Sells™ system

Codebreak’s unique Marketing That Sells™ system is what will drive results for you. It is what we have devised, tested and refined over the years to beat the ad hoc marketing trap that most businesses fall into.

When the system is deployed for you, you’ll see consistency, which gives you protection as well as promotion. And you need that when the s**t hits the fan. Because it will, at some point. How about a recession? A pandemic…? Suddenly, business owners who were too busy to market themselves are panicking and spamming everyone with emails like it’s Amateur Hour.

It doesn’t even have to be something as serious as a recession or Covid. How about an aggressive new competitor opens up around the corner from you? You think your customers are loyal…? They are loyal to themselves first and if someone can do something a little bit faster and a little bit quicker…. They’ll be out of there before you can say, “Word of mouth.”

If you’re the sort of person who worries about what might happen, we’re definitely the lead gen crew for you.

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Facebook social
Website design with Codebreak
Day zero poster
Emily at Codebreak Office
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Results Delivered – Your Three Packages

On your initial Discovery Call, it will be established whether your business and Codebreak are a good fit. If we are – hoorah – it’s on to Step 2, which is discussing the package that would suit you best.

Each client benefits from being on one of these three packages. It’s because the packages work. They’re part of the Marketing That Sells™ system, which was devised to generate you clarity and results.

This may not be for you. If you’ve googled “marketing agency” and are contacting Codebreak and a couple of others who came up, please cross us off your list.

We’re not a marketing agency. We’re definitely not a creative agency.

We’re here to get you leads via our system. Period.

Immediate Action

Social Media audit

Kickoff meeting

Facebook Ads

Google Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Stay Hungry sessions

Grow & Protect

Immediate Action plus:

Ad retargeting

Landing page design

Data capture

Email marketing

Search Engine Optimization


Director-level consultancy

Andy and Joel in your business

Proactive marketing strategy

Lead conversion strategy

Support for your team

Networking and supplier connections

AND a dedicated crew working for you…

If you’ve been let down in the past, you’ll have heard every excuse under the sun. Emails that never arrived (like those cheques in the post), sick days, the dog’s not well, etc. Even being too busy! Why’s that your problem?!

With Codebreak, you’ll have the assurance that there’s a minimum of three people keeping your lead gen on-track. Deadlines don’t get missed. It’s that simple.

You’ll enjoy convenient contact with the Codebreak Crew. You’ll even have access to their diaries to book in calls. Say goodbye to the inefficiency of playing telephone tennis!

The rest of the time we’ll be busy implementing for you. Designing, testing and measuring, adjusting to whatever the numbers show. So you can be confident that your lead gen is being worked on consistently.

We truly trust the Codebreak team with our marketing and their advice. Over the years, the team have helped our business grow.

Emma Lou O'Donohue

Manageress, Shropshire Country Brides

What will your future look like?

Imagine your potential new customers seeing you everywhere…. Your competitors getting more and more puzzled (and annoyed).

You’ll have more quality time on your hands and less stress. Leads will be coming in, whilst other gurus and ninjas recommend you dance on TikTok. You’ll just smile, safe in the knowledge that if it would generate cost effective leads for you, we’d have told you.

But rarely will business success involve dancing. Unless you’re a dancer….

Codebreak - Stay Hungry - Direct Response Marketing

Apply for your Discovery Call

What is a Discovery Call?

This is a call where we break down your business goals and what would need to happen for you to reach them.

It's your free strategy session to growing, protecting and skyrocketing your business through Codebreak's Marketing That Sells™ system.

If there's a good fit between us, let's get the ball rolling.

Because that's what it's about. Action.

If we don't click, you've still got a free strategy to work to (or not).


Not everyone qualifies to work with Codebreak...

We can only help businesspeople who are:

Polite and professional
Not micro managers
Not d**ks

Ah, but how much does it cost?

Our fees start at the price of a minimum wage employee. An experienced team vs. one junior employee?

Sale of the century!

Here’s what that means. Rather than having to suffer with getting a new employee onboard, getting them up to speed… we can plug our crew direct into your business.

What happens when you get started?

If you’re accepted onboard, the crew can usually have you up and running within a fortnight. Everything is made as clear and simple as possible. So you know exactly where you stand. And you can start leveraging Codebreak’s experience from Day One.

Checking your marketing & sales foundations and processes, putting other foundations in place if necessary, testing different target audiences… essential work for long-term success.

Your Pay Per Click ads will be second-to-none. Some of Codebreak’s clients have 60 ad variations being tested and measured, when their previous suppliers were running one.

Codebreak will guarantee you leads into your business. That’s our promise to you.


Your next step is simple

If you’re looking for accountable results, having us deploy our Marketing That Sells™ system in your business is going to make all the difference.

  1. Click the link below and apply for a Discovery Call with Andy and Joel
  2. If you are pre-approved, you’ll be able to book the call online
  3. On the call, we’ll find out:

Your goals
Your challenges
Your ideal customer and their value
Your budgets
Whether we’re right for each other

Codebreak - Stay Hungry - Direct Response Marketing

Remember to secure your Discovery Call

Apply for a Discovery Call

You’ll be speaking with a business owner, not “just” a marketer

Get clarity on your numbers

Find out the true potential for marketing your business

Know what is achievable and what will be wasting your time

Jargon-free, BS-free experienced advice

Businesses we’ve worked with


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Member sign ups for a leisure group

Pounds of property sold for a housing firm

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