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Getting More Customers For You

Done-For-You is where Codebreak will do the work for you to generate more customers.

This service is for you if you’re turning over five figures a month and are personally doing your marketing yourself. You aren’t getting the results you need and you’d rather get it off your plate.

If you’re a business owner who wants to carry on doing your own marketing, Codebreak’s coaching service will be the better option. Where we’ll guide and support you to get the results you need.

You’ll enjoy a six-star service and value for money. Some of our clients pay less for measurable customer acquisition than what you’d pay for a full page ad in the local county glossy.

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Is any of this you…?

  • You’re not getting the return you want from your marketing
  • You don’t have enough time or experience to test & measure your ads and extract the most out of them
  • Your copywriting is OK but pretty much the same as your competitors’
  • Most of your marketing is ad hoc, reactive and usually last minute
  • Your website doesn’t generate enough enquiries
  • You have competitors nibbling at your slice of the pie when they’re not as good as you
Joel Stone director of Codebreak
Andy and Joel, lead gen specialists
Andy Rao, Codebreak. Lead Gen
Andy and Joel discussing lead generation at Codebreak

Maybe you’ve tried outsourcing before…

This is how it usually goes – you approach a marketing agency or a creative agency, they say they can do everything for you… and then nothing.

You’re constantly chasing for updates, you feel at the bottom of the pile and you’re not even sure what the results are.

You may have even found that you’re tied in deeper than you thought with them. The ad accounts are owned by them rather than you, you don’t have full control of your website….

You’ve had techno-jargon thrown at you, some pretty designs and lots of talk of “brand awareness”…

… but your website traffic has flatlined and your bank balance isn’t where it needs to be.

Which is why we want to introduce to you a new way.

A way that allows you to focus on what you’re best at. Or free you up to be more present with your friends and family.

A way that gets the heavy lifting off your plate and pushes your numbers in the right direction.

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We deeply appreciate your efforts. You are helping us do something that I think will help people’s lives and creating something quite exciting.

Owen O'Kane

Globally Acclaimed Psychotherapist & Speaker

Codebreak’s Marketing That Sells™

Marketing That Sells™ is a combination of knowledge, creativity, tools, systems, processes and checks that we will deploy to drive your results. In essence, it is our formula. What we have tested over the years to beat the reactive marketing trap that most businesses fall into.

When things kick in for you, you’ll see consistency, which gives you protection as well as promotion. And you need that when the s**t hits the fan. Because it will, at some point. How about a recession? A pandemic…? Suddenly, business owners who were too busy to market themselves start panicking and spamming everyone like it’s Amateur Hour.

It doesn’t even have to be something as serious as a recession or Covid. How about an aggressive new competitor opens up around the corner from you? You think your customers are loyal…? They are loyal to themselves first and if someone can do something a little bit faster and a little bit quicker…. They’ll be out of there before you can say, “Word of mouth.”

If you’re the sort of person who worries about what might happen, Codebreak is definitely the marketing & design crew for you.


Joel from Codebreak presenting
Stay Hungry
Joel and Andy chatting about lead generation
Own Your Shit
Andy from Codebreak coaching a client
Get out of your comfort zone

Your Marketing Formula

On your initial Discovery Call, we’ll find out together whether there’s a good fit between what you want and what we offer. If there is – hoorah – it’s on to Step 2, which is sending you detailed information on your best marketing options.

This allows you to clearly see how we’ll skyrocket your online presence for you, and the leads and appointments that follow. Then you can make an informed decision.

As a ‘done-for-you’ client, you’ll enjoy in-depth digital advertising, as well as ad retargeting, landing page design, email marketing… whatever works best for you in terms of providing clarity and results.

As a done-for-you client, you will:

Receive a clear strategy, so everyone knows where you’re heading

Get in front of thousands of the people most likely to buy from you

Put the right people onto a journey ‘from cold to sold’ without you having to lift a finger

Have ads that are managed daily to maximise your budget

Reap the rewards of a growing database of prospects

Enjoy email marketing that increases sales, retention and referral rates

Get your website found more easily

Be better positioned as an authority within your field


AND a dedicated crew working for you…

If you’ve been let down in the past, you’ll have heard every excuse under the sun. Emails that never arrived (like those cheques in the post), sick days, the dog’s not well, etc. Even being too busy! Why’s that your problem?!

With Codebreak, you’ll have the assurance that there’s a minimum of three people keeping your marketing on-track. Deadlines don’t get missed. It’s that simple.

Co-founders Andy and Joel will be overseeing everything

So you can be confident that your marketing is steering your boat to your destination rather than going around in circles.

We truly trust the Codebreak team with our marketing and their advice. Over the years, the team have helped our business grow.

Emma Lou O'Donohue

Manageress, Shropshire Country Brides

What will your future look like?

Imagine your potential new customers seeing you everywhere….

You’ll have more quality time on your hands and less stress. You’ll enjoy results-driven marketing, whilst marketing gurus and ninjas recommend that you start dancing on TikTok. Just smile, safe in the knowledge that if dancing on TikTok would grow your business, we’d have told you.

But rarely will business success involve dancing. Unless you own a dance school….

Codebreak - Stay Hungry - Direct Response Marketing

Book your free Discovery Call

What's a Discovery Call?

This is a call where you tell us about your business goals and we see what Codebreak can do to help.

We'll discuss what's been working well for you when it comes to getting more customers, and what hasn't cut the mustard. How happy you are with your current marketing, who your ideal customer is.... An informal but productive chat about growing, protecting and scaling your business.

It is genuinely a discovery call rather than a mislabelled sales pitch.

If there's a match between what you want and what Codebreak can provide, we'll give you some options.

What happens when you get started?

Once you’re onboard, the crew can usually have you up and running within a fortnight. Everything is made as clear as possible. So you know exactly where you stand. And you can start leveraging Codebreak’s experience from Day One.

We’ll include checks on all your marketing & sales processes, advising on additional foundations if necessary, testing different target audiences… all essential work for your long-term success.

Your Pay Per Click ads will be second-to-none. Some of Codebreak’s clients have 60 ad variations being tested and measured, when their previous suppliers were running one.

Your ads will remain the no.1 priority, as they’ll yield the most measurable results.

Your next step is simple

If you’re looking for more customers, having Codebreak on your side will make all the difference.

  1. Click the link below and request a callback
  2. We’ll chat on the phone or Zoom – your choice
  3. On the call, we’ll find out:

Your goals

Your ideal customer and their value

What’s working well and what could be re-evaluated

Your ideal outcome

Codebreak - Stay Hungry - Direct Response Marketing

Remember to secure your Discovery Call

Book a Discovery Call

Enjoy an open conversation about what's important to you

Get clarity on the numbers that matter

Find out the true potential for marketing your business

Know where your marketing focus should lie

Jargon-free, BS-free advice

Find out whether we're right for each other

Talk budgets, so there's full transparency

Businesses we’ve worked with


ROI on Facebook Ads for an online clothing brand

Member sign ups for a leisure group

Million pounds of property sold for a housing firm

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