“You can’t just ‘SEO’ your website and be done. It’s a forever moving goal post.”

– Stoney deGeyter

Search Engine Optimisation

How easy is your website to find on Google right now? If you open up an Incognito tab in Google Chrome, that will show you unbiased results. So… is your website being found for the search terms you want?

Your ranking on Google is partly down to how your website has been built. All the elements that professional web designers will have taken care of for you; mobile-friendly, meta data, loading speed, image tagging, etc. (If they haven’t, let us know!)

The other key component of your SEO is content. Content will always be king in the wonderful world of marketing. Is your content abundant, relevant, informative, targeted and up-to-date? Google loves fresh content and lots of it. There are also some copywriting “tricks” that will help. For example, if your website is full of long sentences and long paragraphs, that could be harming your SEO. Google values readability.

Maybe all you need is a website tidy up. Or you could benefit from a full re-build. Either way, it is what you do moving forward that will help. Regular blogging, content tweaks, new photos, new links… time and effort on an ongoing basis to make it easier for people to find you online.

Google Ads

There are over 40,000 Google searches per second. Are you maximising that? If you have your SEO in place in an industry that isn’t overly competitive, you’ll be fine. Your website should be showing early on in the results.

But some businesses will always be fighting big budget players in a tough industry. No matter what SEO they do, they will still rank below other websites. Which is where Google Ads could be the solution. You pay Google to be on the front page.

The caveat is that Google Ads is a quick way to lose money if you don’t know what you’re doing.

What are people searching for? Or, rather, what are the right people searching for?

Google Ads isn’t just for corporations and big name brands. Small and medium-sized businesses in nearly every industry can enjoy the boost in web traffic and lead generation that a carefully constructed Pay Per Click campaign brings.

In a nutshell, you’ll be placing your business in front of the people who are specifically searching for your type of service or product. You won’t get a warmer lead than that! There’ll be tyre kickers amongst them, but by working on negative keywords as well as positive keywords, you should be able to eliminate these. You don’t want to be paying for clicks off people who are unlikely to convert.

N.B. We work with a dedicated Google Ads agency rather than provide the service in-house. It is such a complex area, you need a specialist. We would oversee the campaigns as part of a client’s strategy but, if it’s only Google Ads you’re interested in, we’re happy to pass you our specialist’s details and you can deal with them direct. We’re not precious.

SEO meeting
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Search marketing meeting
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Google My Business

Google My Business is a fantastic free way for your business to get found online more easily. The first thing a person usually does when they want to find out more about a company is to Google them. A quick search for your business name should show your Google My Business listing on the first page with your contact details, as well as your location, reviews and so on.

Having a maximised GMB listing means better Search Engine Optimisation and a higher chance of attracting people who are specifically looking for you (or your type of product / service). The more of Google’s tools you use, the better they’ll look after you (which is why having a YouTube channel can also help).

Some business owners don’t know about Google My Business. Others do but aren’t sure how to maximize it or don’t have the time. If it’s the latter, we can help. We know how to get the most out of Google.

Our service includes photo advice or taking, video advice or taking, copywriting and we’ll also create a direct link for you to send to customers to leave you a Google Review. Telling someone to go and leave you a Google Review can be a struggle; much easier to send them to exactly the right place.

Google 360

Imagine a potential customer being able to walk through your premises virtually. Show them just how cool your operation is. Google 360 does just this, allowing people to navigate their way around your premises much like they snoop around towns on Google Street View.

First impressions are important. Having a Google 360 virtual tour can help you stand out when potential customers are searching for you online. It’s another tick in the Google box that many businesses don’t have.

Codebreak’s Google 360 specialist is a Google Street View trusted pro. A special camera creates the 360 tour images, which are then linked to create the virtual walkaround. It can display the exterior and interior of your business. Private details, such as car license plates and customer faces, can be blurred out.

We turn up, get what we need and get out. There is little disruption to your day. All we need is your premises to be tidy.

“We weren’t seeing the clicks we needed and our click-through-rate seemed low.

“Codebreak ran a PPC campaign for us that drew hundreds of potential buyers to a sales page on our site. The average click-through-rate for our sector is 2.18%, but their team managed to get it up to 19.39%.”

Ed Glover

Salop Leisure


Isn't SEO a dark art?

It certainly used to be. People were stuffing text with keywords, putting hidden keywords in white on a white background… all kinds of dodgy stuff. Well, it wasn’t dodgy… but Google got smarter and businesses had to react accordingly.

Google wants to see that businesses are looking after their websites and doing it properly, which takes knowledge and time. So my businesses launch a super cool new website but then don’t look after it. Google wants to see ongoing tweaks and changes and meaty new relevant content.

SEO success is partly technical. How your website is built, having good authoritative links to it, etc. But a lot of it will be content-driven, and there’s nothing dodgy about that, for sure!

If anyone does try and bamboozle you with jargon, we’d say they are still in the days of the dark arts….

Can I do Google Ads myself?

Yes. If you have the time to learn and implement, go for it. You do not need any formal training or accreditations. But… (and it is a big “but”) Google Ads is a quick way to lose money if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Assume that the minimum budget you’ll need to test the waters is £10 a day. Try it for a month. Can you afford to lose £300? If so, you may figure it’s worth the risk.

The things to concentrate on are getting the ad copy right, targeting the most effective search terms and keeping an eye on what search terms are not working. It is a daily task. If you’re a luxury hotel, you don’t want to be paying for clicks off people who are searching for the cheapest hotels.

Why are competitors ranking above me?

It is annoying, isn’t it? If you are finding that your competition is always above you in the Google rankings, it’s usually because of time or money or both.

If a competitor has an in-depth, well-built website that launched five years ago, your brand new website won’t be able to catch them up overnight. (So you might want to consider Google Ads at this point.)

However, if you are regularly uploading interesting content and proactively driving people to it, your website will get noticed by Google. It just may take some time. And hard work. Blog once a week when your competitors are blogging once a month. Link to your website from social media once a day when your competitors are linking once a week.

A sad reality to bear in mind that if your arch nemesis has spent £20k on their website and you’ve spent £2k, you may always struggle to catch them up. If you have set up a mobile phone shop, you are unlikely to ever be seen above the Carphone Warehouses of the world. If you are only targeting your local area, that is do-able. But nationally? You would need big budgets. 

What does it cost?

SEO really does have to be quoted for on an ad hoc basis as there are so many factors to consider. We work on a rolling three-month basis, payable by Direct Debit. The minimum charge would be c.£500+vat per month, all inclusive.

Google Ads – 10% of budget plus a flat management fee

Google My Business and Google 360, like any of our individual services, would be a minimum of £500+vat. Google 360 would also depend on where your business is located. So you may be better off seeking a local freelancer.

What can I do myself?

Get the fundamentals right, especially if budgets are tight. Ensure your Google My Business listing is up-to-date and fully populated. Your website needs to be mobile-responsive. Drive people to your website from Facebook. Amend and add fresh website content all the time.

Remember that SEO doesn’t happen overnight. Even when you launch a brand new super duper website, don’t expect it to be on Page 1 within hours.

If my website is basic, will I struggle?

Because Google likes content, yes, you probably will struggle. That said, if your industry is not too competitive, you may be OK.

But if there are lots of businesses nibbling away at your slice of the pie, getting a website upgrade could be on the cards.

It isn’t a case of paying through the nose for an all-singing-all-dancing website, but at least five or six pages with in-depth content and a good blog would be advisable.

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