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Are Your Ads a Leaky Bucket?

by | Feb 22, 2023

Hello. What’s going on? Another day of wonder and opportunity. 
My youngest daughter got annoyed yesterday because she lost a fiver. 
Not that she uses cash much. I set up a GoHenry account for her (which is brilliant, if you have young kids). But, hey, who wants to lose money?! 

Yet that’s what a tonne of business owners put up with. They chuck money at various forms of advertising but half the time it’s losing them money because it’s not generating any business. 

Say you paid £1k for a full page ad in a glossy magazine. Was the ad designed to actually generate enquiries or did it just look pretty? 

And, even if it did generate calls/emails, did anyone check with those enquiries so you know for sure? 

Codebreak leverages digital ads to generate enquiries for clients. But some business owners are still losing money on digital ads for the same reasons as above.

Their ads weren’t designed properly and they didn’t factor in how to monitor any responses. 

Knowing how many clicks your ads get is nice… but clicks don’t put food on the table. 

Digital ads are the best form of advertising by far if your goal is enquiry generation. (Or sales generation if you’re e-commerce.) 

When they’re designed and managed correctly, you can directly tell how much an enquiry is costing you. 

You’ll already know how many enquiries you need, on average, to make a sale. Maybe you’ve got a salesperson who converts 1 in 3. So then your ads become a mathematical challenge rather than a marketing one. 

Spend X to make Y. 

When you get there, it’s a beautiful place. 

If you’d like how we can help you get there – whether that’s done-for-you or coaching, book a free Discovery Call below.

Let’s stop your bucket from leaking! 

Until next time, stay hungry.

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