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Heroes and Victims… in Business and in Life

by | Aug 29, 2023

Hey, everyone, and welcome to another quick vid about getting more customers through, better marketing and better thinking.

I was on LinkedIn the other day, and a video caught my eye. It was behind the scenes footage of Tom Cruise doing that amazing parachute jump in the latest Mission Impossible movie.

The guy posting it was basically saying how great it was to see an actor of a certain age still doing stunts and looking amazing.

Here is what one lady said in response.

“Tom Cruise could afford to spend a million dollars on fitness to stay in shape whilst the rest of us have to earn a living.”

I mean, she’s totally oblivious to the fact that Tom Cruise didn’t exactly have a million dollars when he started out. 

He was broke, working a number of shitty jobs. He looked after himself when he had nothing. And even when he did get his first big pay check, he didn’t spend it on himself.

He used the money to put his sister through college. My point is, rather than celebrating someone’s achievement, this lady chose to have a pop.

Because there are two kinds of people in life heroes and victims. 

It’s okay for them because they had this.It’s okay for them because their industry is different.

My industry’s funny. My town’s funny. I mean, that last one’s a fucking peach. Show me a town that doesn’t have Weirdly’s and tight asses.

Whether we win or fail is down to us. Yes, governments will cause trouble. Councils will cause trouble. Competitors will cause trouble. There’s no getting away from that.

It’s how we rise to the challenges that defines us. If we avoid pressure, we’ll be less able to handle the pressure that life will inevitably throw at us.

Mindset is something Joel and I talk about a lot.

Unlike most marketing companies, a marketing strategy without the right finger behind it is just half the battle.

Now, if this floats your boat, the combination of marketing and mind set to get better results, book a free discovery here.

Let’s see what we can do to help.

Until next time, stay hungry.

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