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How Not to Get More Customers

by | Feb 13, 2023

Hello, and welcome to another episode of Stay Hungry. Getting more customers for small business owners through digital marketing.

I heard a tale that made me weep recently.

OK, not weep. I don’t cry easily (which isn’t trendy, I appreciate. Crying seems to be compulsory on social media these days).

Although Spock dying in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan always gets me.

But it was sad. It was a business owner who’d been told that the solution to his growth was a new website and an e-newsletter.

The website looked great. Well, it looked all right.

But no one was seeing it because there were no ads driving traffic and the Search Engine Optimization wasn’t up to scratch.

The newsletter sign-up form didn’t carry any incentive either. Just “sign up for our news”.


That’s all people will want to know. What are they going to get in return for parting with their details? Just same vague news?

You need a lead magnet or offer.

And if someone did find the website… and did sign up to the news list… how many times was an e-newsletter being sent?

Once a month!

Hardly enough to cut through the noise.

Here’s the bit that stung – this advice had come from a professional marketing agency! A so-called “leading” agency!

All of the above are what Joel and I would call basic errors. Marketing 101. Stuff that we take for granted.

It’s not right that sh*t advice like this is being peddled about because it affects the livelihood of nice business owners, who simply want to help others.

At Codebreak, we’ll always be honest with you based upon your goals. If you want a pretty website and that’s it, fine.

But if you want more customers, our plan will be a lot more effective than chucking out a newsletter once a month. It’s lazy advice like this that gives marketing a bad name.

So be careful out there. Make sure the person you’re briefing is clear on your goals. And, if you suspect they’re not listening, get a second opinion!

As ever, if you’d like to know more about marketing that sells, get in touch and bag yourself a free Discovery Call.

Until next time, stay hungry.

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