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Life 101 – Produce More Than You Consume

by | Jul 31, 2023

Hey, gang. Welcome to another quick video about getting more customers through better marketing and better thinking.

One of my favourite autobiographies is David Niven’s Bring On The Empty Horses.

From the so-called golden age of Hollywood.

There’s a chapter all about the time he lived with Errol Flynn in the 1930s.

He said that you always knew where you stood with Errol because he always let you down.

He was great fun to be around in carefree days but a taker.

Someone who’d never think of helping others.

And this is rife in business.

I’d say it’s the no.1 mistake I see in marketing.

All people do is pitch. They never offer to help or give away any knowledge.

We’re all here to make money. But more money will move towards you when you give away value first.

Serving is selling.

I mentioned a while back what Joel and I give away for free. Emails, trainings, blogs, factsheets, guidebooks, in-person workshops, podcasts….

Insights that most marketers charge for.

Yes, there’ll be a sell but we lead with value.

We give rather than take. You know business owners who just pitch all the time. Buy my sh*t! Buy my sh*t! That’s all they ever say, then wonder why their phone doesn’t ring.

Something I say a lot to my daughters can be applied to business. To life, really:

Produce more than you consume.

Upgrading your thinking plays a big part in how we coach clients to get better results from their marketing.

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