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Wasting Money as an Event Exhibitor

by | Oct 9, 2023

No one likes wasting money, but I see it all the time.

Here’s a recent example.

Me and Joel went to an awesome conference this week. We got to hear from the likes of Dave Fishwick (The Bank of Dave – awesome film), so learned lots.

But we saw lots of cases of exhibitors (businesses with stands at the event) losing money.

No doubt they made money too.

I’m talking about ‘leaky bucket’ syndrome. Where money comes in but some of it unnecessarily leaks out of the bottom.

Here are three big opportunities we witnessed exhibitors missing:


  1. Not giving people they were speaking to their full attention.

People like to feel listened to. So when you’re talking to an exhibitor and their eyes are darting around looking for the next opportunity, their chances of a sale  go down.

Hardly anyone listens anymore. They’re too busy trying to sell $hit without any qualification.

As my old man used to say, “God gave you two ears and one mouth. Use them in that ratio.”

  1. Not booking in follow-up calls there and then.

 Everyone has their diary on their phone. So, when someone’s interested, book in a follow-up call with them. Lock it in.

Rather than simply take their details and say you’ll get in touch. That’s OK but it’s likely to lead to telephone tennis and, before you know it, they’ve gone off       the boil.

  1. Not proofreading their signage.

This was only one exhibitor but it was a biggie. A typo in the headline of their stand signage.

Proofread before going to print. Or, if it’s after the fact, suck it up and pay for a re-print.

When you’re selling low ticket, you want things to be right. But when it’s high ticket, even more so.

So, if you’re thinking of exhibiting at an event, the above should help!

Keep your bucket free of holes and your wallet will thank you.

Until next time, stay hungry.

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